Sake cup stamps

A few years ago–well, it must be 5 or 6 now–I saw some original designs for cups that were rubber and mounted on wood. On second thought, these weren’t exactly cup stamps but rather bottle stamps. The designs, though are often the same. At that time the price was a bit out of range for me, and I thought more would pop up here and there, as these kinds of items usually do. But as many collectors realize, you never know when rare items will appear again–if ever.

If you collect medals, you can be confident that you will see even the rarest medals for sale once or twice in your lifetime. (Whether you can afford them or not is a different story…) However, rare items like military sake cup stamps and other things that weren’t really prized when they were first made sometimes disappear forever. Even the dullest of us (I include myself in that group) do not throw away a medal when found, but a chunk of wood with a rubber stamp? I can imagine how these would be tossed away without a thought. That any survive should surprise us.

I think the group of them sold for $150, which at the time seemed to be rather expensive. Looking back, the price was quite reasonable. Someone got them and I suppose they are out there still, but I have never seen a similar item for sale.

I did save the pictures, though, and they have been transferred from computer to computer as I upgraded. Now I can share them with others, so here they are, used without the permission of whomever may be the owner.

Tokkuri stamps

Tokkuri stamps

Here is the 2nd of two pictures, this one being a close-up.



Having never had any experience making cups, I am not sure of the process. These may have been cloth patterns that were removed from the wood or perhaps they were rolled on.

Preserving some of the materials related to making the military cups would be a wonderful complementary hobby. I imagine it would be frustrating, though, since one may ‘collect’ for many years without finding anything. (In that case one would be searching, not collecting, I guess, until at least one item was found.)

I found a similar item a couple of years back. It was a stencil for a larger item–maybe a towel or perhaps a wall hanging. It bore the remnants of paint, so it had been used before. Here it is:

Fighter plane stencil

Fighter plane stencil

This was so fragile that I really couldn’t believe it had survived. The inscription reads ‘Discharge Commemorative, Yokkaichi Air Corps 3rd Regiment.’

Since that made it through the war, sake cup stamps or design patterns have to be out there somewhere.

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