Manchuria (Manchukuo) Army Dispatch Badge

Continuing in my series of Manchukuo-related badges, the next one I will introduce was made to commemorate one IJA unit’s service in Manchuria. Many different regiments and companies made badges for their soldiers as a way to keep their spirits up. Anyway, during the 1930s most Japanese soldiers in Manchuria were in good spirits because the war was going so well for them. The following badge is one of the better examples. Here is the obverse:

manmedals 007

The design is quite impressive. On both sides are cherry blossom branches (a symbol of Japan) and at the top is a gold Army star. The two flags are the Japanese national flag and the Manchukuo national flag, both of which appear on many Manchukuo items. The central kanji say ‘Manchuria Dispatch Commemorative.’ Here is the reverse:


manmedals 008


Although I’m not sure, I think the top two kanji say ‘sincerity’ or something of that nature. The next ones say ‘Gift, 6th Infantry 7th Company Association, Showa 10 [1935].’ I suppose these were given to the men of this regiment. Most likely this kind of badge had a simple paulonia wood case.

Next post I’ll begin to show some of the rare official badges and medals of Manchukuo.

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