Imperial Japanese Navy: 2nd London Naval Treaty Badge 1936

I mentioned in my last post that I would show a medal from the Nomonhan Incident, but I changed my mind. I’d like to show a  few more badges first.

Today I’d like to introduce a rare and interesting badge not from a regiment or a battle, but from a meeting. This commemorates not the Second London Naval Treaty, but the break of talks from that meeting. You can click on the link to read more about that treaty, but basically it opened in 1935 and concluded in 1936. France, the U.S.A., and the U.K. attempted to limit the number of naval warships, and of course Japan did not agree to the numbers, which were considered to be unequal. Italy, too, left the meeting without signing the treaty.

Let’s look at the badge:



The design shows the flags of the five participating nations, but only the flag of Japan is enameled. There is a warship at the bottom and billowing smoke.

Here is the reverse:



The bar at the top has an inscription that reads ‘Five-Nation Naval Treaty, Breakdown Commemorative.’  (There is also a poem or some slogan inscribed, but I cannot recognize it.) What interests me is that a commemorative badge would have celebrated a breakdown of talks. One can easily understand why a successful treaty would have been praised, but perhaps this badge indicates the pride Japanese felt when their country stood up to the great Western powers.
Finally, one wonders who would have received this badge. Members of the committee who participated in the talks? Or maybe–was this sold in stores? This badge is fairly rare, so I suspect that it was not offered for sale.
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