WW2 Japan: Imperial Guard Sharpshooting Badge

One kind of badge we can find often are sharpshooting contest badges. These shooting contests were held in regiments, divisions, in schools, and even among civilians. They were often held during a larger festival, but many times they were free-standing competitions. The following badge is from the Imperial Guard, created originally to guard the Emperor and his properties, but these units were also deployed overseas. The Imperial Guard regiments often took the best candidates, so most men were very proud to have been chosen to serve in the Guard.



Above is a championship badge from one of the shooting competitions. The design has an Imperial mum crest to the left and a laurel branch to the bottom and right. A soldier shooting is the central figure, and above–in gold–is the Imperial Guard insignia or emblem. It consists of an Army star and two cherry branches tied with a ribbon. The two kanji say ‘Championship’ or ‘Champion.’



The simple reverse says ‘Higashi Unit 2nd Platoon, Prize [or Award], Kimura Unit.’

Obviously awarded to men who placed highly in the unit sharpshooting competition.


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