Imperial Japanese Army: Type II War Wound Badge

In 1938 the Type I War Wound badge was replaced by a new style badge. I am not sure of the reason, but the new badge is certainly more colorful and perhaps the change was meant to bolster the spirits of the millions of troops in China, far away from home.

I showed some photos of the Type I badge in my last post. Here is the Type II:

ww2 japanese war wound badge medal

The design incorporates some red enameled pieces shaped like a traditional Japanese shield. The metal rays are spear tips, and the central figure is Kusunoki Masashige, a samurai heralded for his heroic spirit.

So the design elements have changed dramatically. The kanji indicating the kind of wound badge have been shifted from a prominent place on the obverse to a place hidden behind two pins on the reverse:

pins down

pins down


pin up reveals 公傷

pin up reveals 公傷

It seems clear that one reason for the design change was to reduce the distinction between the two kinds of badges.

There was a variety of presentation cases, but unlike the Type I badge case, there was no indication of different badges being given to officers. I think that disappeared with the Type II badge. And the variety of cases probably indicates only that a few different manufacturers were used to make the case–and perhaps the badges, too, but there is very little, if any, variety between badges of the same type. Here are three cases:

paulonia wood case

paulonia wood case


cardboard case with gold kanji

cardboard case with gold kanji


cardboard case with white kanji

cardboard case with white kanji

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