Japanese Imperial Navy Watch Fob (Graduation Badge) Part 3

To continue with the Navy Academy watch fobs, my next example will be from a communications cadet. It appears that the different departments within the academies made various badges for the graduates.

japanese navy watch fob badge medal ww2

As on the two previous fobs, the hawk is the main design element. On this fob it is perched on a circular device, within which are 3 figures: a cherry blossom, some bolts of electricity, and what appears to be a Morse code straight key machine. (JAPANESE LANGUAGE NOTE: This is called denken [電鍵], literally ‘electric key.’) There are some waves below but no anchor in the design. The English word at the top is unusual.

The reverse:

japanese navy watch fob badge medal ww2

The translation here is ’62nd Graduating Class at the Higher School, Communications Skills Cadet, Graduation Commemorative, [Imperial Year] 2600 [1940].’ It is interesting that the year would be stamped in since the inscription makes it clear that this badge was designed for the 62nd Class. Perhaps not including the date in the inscription was an oversight (or a manufacturer’s error) and it was then stamped in at a later date.


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