Japanese Imperial Navy Watch Fob (Graduation Badge) Part 4

The fourth and last Naval Academy watch fob.

japanese navy watch fob medal ww2 badge

Another stunning design on this fob. This is the fourth Navy Academy fob I have shown, and all have had the hawk with outstretched wings. However, it is not essential to Navy graduate fobs, as I have seen a few without.

This fob has the hawk, cherry blossom, and waves as usual. No anchor on this one. There are crossed artillery shells, though, indicating the branch of study. Above are three kanji that say ‘Artillery Special Course’ (砲特講).

The reverse:

japanese navy watch fob medal ww2 badge

The inscription here reads ‘[Imperial Year] 2603 [1943], Yokosuka Naval Artillery Academy, 1st [Graduating Class] Artillery Technician, Graduation Commemorative.’ What I translated as ‘1st Graduating Class’ is this in Japanese : dai ikkai (第一回). If this ‘1st’ were a rank or some sort of achievement rating, it would be written differently, for example ittou (一等). So the phrase most likely refers to the number of the graduating class, just as is indicated on similar fobs.


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