Manchukuo Air Defense Association Badge (Manchuria)

Yesterday I showed two Greater Japan Air Defense Association badges. Today I’d like to show an Air Defense Association badge from Manchukuo, a puppet empire of Japan (1932-45).  There is not much information out there about this group, as far as I know. However, the name of the association is the same as that of the one in Japan, so I am assuming this was a civilian non-profit group in Manchukuo that led air raid drills and other training exercises.

manchukuo air defence association badge

The quality of this badge, labeled ‘Special Member Badge (tokubetsu kaiin shou 特別会員章)’ on the green enamel suspension bar, is much higher than those made for the association in Japan. The design, too, has a plane as the central element, which may lead one to think that this is related to aviation.

So this question arises: Was the Manchuko Air Defense Association more military-related than the association in Japan? I do not have a clear answer yet. Perhaps a reader of this blog might help out.

Along with the plane, there is an enameled Manchukuo Imperial Orchid crest surrounded by pink cherry blossoms. On either side are sorghum branches, a symbol of Manchukuo. The two diagonals behind the plane appear to be spotlight beams.

The reverse:

manchukuo air defence association badge

Simple pinback. Inscribed ‘Manchuria Air Defense Association (Manshuu Boukuu Kyoukai 満州防空協会).’

The case:

manchukuo air defence association badge

There is also a pure silver version of the same badge. Probably awarded for a substantial financial contribution. Here is a picture. It is missing the suspension bar:manchukuo air defence association badgemanchukuo air defence association badge


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