Japan and Manchukuo: South Manchuria Railroad Badge 3

Today I’ll introduce a Mantetsu worker’s badge. Notice that it doesn’t have the exact same emblem. This emblem has the rounded ‘M’ superimposed on a straight line. I suppose the latter figure is a simplified version of a rail (which is more detailed in the more common emblem–see yesterday’s post and the sake cups below), but it is possible it has a significance of which I am ignorant. Here it is:

And from another source are some commemorative sake cups from Mantetsu:

If I remember correctly, these are post-war cups made by a group of ex-Mantetsu workers. Even so, it is very hard to find this insignia on sake cups.


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  1. OK, excellent. So the 1st badge above is upside-down and is the emblem of Hitachi Hosen, not Mantetsu. thanks very much!

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