Imperial Japanese Navy Arsenal Long Service Badge

Today a Long Service Badge from the Yokosuka Navy Arsenal gets the spotlight. I am tiptoeing on thin ice when I am explaining the organization of the IJN, but briefly, there were four main Navy Arsenals (called Kaigun Koushou 海軍工廠 in Japanese). They were named after the areas in which they were located: Sasebo, Kure, Yokosuka, and Maizuru. Of course at the arsenals all kinds of munitions and other things were developed and manufactured. I imagine that most of the workers at these plants were Navy men, but civilian workers were there, too.

Here is today’s badge:

Nice design of crossed anchors, branches of what appear to be laurel, and a cherry blossom at the top.

The reverse has a simple pin hook and an inscription that reads ‘Yokosuka Navy Arsenal 横須賀海軍工廠.’

There is not a lot of information on these badges, but what I have gleaned from Japanese sources is the following: There were three different classes of this award, and they probably corresponded to the number of years served. The badge design is the same on all three, but the sizes and materials used vary. There is a silver badge (large), bronze badge (medium), and a iron badge (small).

The badge I have shown is a gold color, which doesn’t correspond to any of the three I mentioned. It may be a discoloring of the silver badge, though, or a fading of the bronze. Any help here would be greatly appreciated! The badge shown  has a diameter of 2.3 cm.

In addition, badges were issued for the different locations, although the design remained the same on all. Only the reverse inscription differed.


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  1. I have one of these. Been passed down in the family coming from a relative who served in the Navy. Have pix if you are interested.

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