Imperial Japanese Army (Cavalry) Regiment Standard Festival Badge

Most IJA regiments celebrated the anniversary of the regiment founding with a Regiment Standard Festival (Gunki-sai 軍旗祭). At these festivals, the regiment standard was brought out and displayed before the regiment, with assorted pronouncements of the bravery and diligence of those who had served in the regiment over the years, and no doubt claims to continue to serve the Emperor until death.

One can find various commemorative items from the Regiment Standard Festivals, and they are of particular interest to people who study individual regiments. Today I will show you a badge and some cups. Best among these are the dated ones, but often times a phrase like ’35th Anniversary’ will be inscribed and one can find out the date if one knows when the regiment was established.

Here is a badge:

This badge is from the 7th Cavalry Regiment.

The inscription reads, ‘Regimental Flag Image, Infantry 11th Regiment’ and a poem, I think. The 11th Regiment was from Hiroshima and was established in Meiji 8 [1875].

Since a variety of commemorative items exist from these festivals, they were probably grand affairs, with lots of drinking and eating following the formal ceremonies. If my memory is correct, they also had a variety of competitions at these festivals.


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