1930s Russia Manchukuo Badge

Here is a badge that really puzzles me. The photo was sent to me by a person in Russia with no explanation of the meaning. But a Manchukuo flag on a Russian badge? That is highly unusual. Given the state of the two countries during 1932-45 (the years that Manchukuo existed), one would hardly expect to find a badge commemorating any sort of union or treaty. But is it a conquerer’s badge? I cannot read Russian, so I need help to figure this one out. Here is the photo:

I’m pretty sure it says ‘Manchukuo’ at the top, but as for the rest, I have no idea. And I didn’t get a picture of the reverse. Awaiting any info!


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  1. Rich,
    Re 1930s Russian Manchukuo badge
    Inscriptions on the badge read:
    Top: 10 years of Manchukuo (thus you can date it – 1942)
    Bottom: Health – strength of nation
    It is not a conquerer’s badge, it is a local one. Presume, of some sporting club (society) commemorating 10th year anniversary of Manchukuo.
    There was a considerable Russian community in Manchukuo since opening of Eastern Chinese railway (which was owned and operated by Russia until sold in 1935) and that grew up considerably after the Revolution.
    Flag on the badge is an old Imperial Russia flag that was again adopted by the Russian Federation, so the confusion.
    Thanks for a nice site.


    • Thanks very much, Vlad! Very interesting information. Worthy of further research for sure.

      Cheers, Rich

  2. White Russian exiles living in Manchuria Boxing / Wrestlers sports badge

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