WW2 Manchukuo Enamel Star Badge part 2: the box

In my previous post I showed you a Manchukuo badge, and today I’d like to show you the cardboard box it came in. The box itself is not visually impressive, but it has both the number of the badge (43, also stamped on the reverse of the badge) and the maker’s name: ‘Made by Mori Yoko.’ Here are two pictures, front and back of the box:

Above the number 43 is the word ‘badge (kishou 徽章).’ Also something written in pencil that I cannot make out. Anyway, we know who made the badge, which is valuable information. The name Mori Yoko [strictly speaking, Youkou is more correct, but…] is obviously Japanese, so one would expect this to have been made in Japan. In a sense it was; however, it was physically made in China by Japanese craftsmen. Here is Mori Yoko’s storefront circa Showa 10 [1935]:

It was located in Wuhan (武漢市), the capital of Hubei Province. A brief history of this jeweler: Established in 1921 and continued under this name until 1945. Driven out of China because of the war’s end, it was re-established in Nagasaki in 1959 under the name of Mori Pearl Corporation, dealing in imports from China. It still exists as of this writing and seems to be still under family management since the current representative’s name is Mori, too.
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