Japanese WW2 era Molded Design Sake Bottles part 2

As I mentioned in my last post, the embossed figures on military sake bottles can either be the main design or complement the painted design. This next bottle is a good example of the latter.

The only embossed figures on this bottle are the painted Army star and some decoration around the neck. This is a China Incident commemorative bottle.

The second bottle shows how the embossed figures can stand alone without a painted figure or being painted.

Here the name of the soldier (Yamamoto) is in red, but there is no other paint applied. The embossed figures are enough to make this impressive. I have seen the same designed bottle with paint applied to the star and branches, though, and another with a small painted design applied to the open space beneath the flags. So I think that the buyer requested this to be a simpler version. Here is the reverse (or perhaps obverse, I cannot tell):

Here, too, the lack of paint does not make this less visually appealing. In fact, the airplane stands out more without the colorful distractions. The inscription reads ‘Discharge Commemorative.’

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