Japanese Army Suicide Soldier: The Human Bomb Bottle

It is morning, January 1st 2010, so I wish you all a Happy New Year. I hope your new year is full of joy.

I took a brief hiatus in this blog and will probably post irregularly until the holidays end. The New Year here in Japan is packed with activities–12/31 being Super Cleaning Day (oosouji 大掃除) and buckwheat noodles (soba そば) at midnight. My wife also served us tempura which made the kids and I rather pleased. The 1st is a family day with the first visit to the shrine, some early morning sake drinking (just a sip or two so as not to ruin the rest of the day), and then a large meal that extends into the evening. No football viewing here, which I missed a bit when I first arrived. But after being in Japan for 17 years now, I have adjusted to other pleasures in life–but not to watching marathons on TV as the Japanese like to do.

Well, today I will show you a nice bottle with a helmet-shaped sake cup. This is the famous and highly-prized Human Bomb bottle (Nikudan Sanyushi). Read more about the Human Bombs on my site HERE.


Inscribed on the small fragile helmet is ‘Human Bomb.’

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  1. I tried to get on your subscription list but could not. Please add me to your Imperial Japanese Military Memorabilia by email.
    I fond this all fascinating. I am a student(turning 67 on the 20th)of The Pacific War. I was in the Navy myself, but in the early 1960’s and visited Japan then.

    • Hello Jeffrey. Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate that. As for signing up, that is done completely by the WordPress website. I have no idea how they do that! Try again, perhaps it will work. Sorry I couldn’t help…
      Cheers, Rich

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