1942 Russia Manchukuo badge revisited

A week or so ago (perhaps more) I posted a badge showing the Manchukuo flag and a Russian inscription. I didn’t know what it was until a few people offered suggestions. Then my friend in Khabarovsk sent me this great information (it follows the picture of the badge). Thanks, Alex!

Inscribed ”Manchukuo 10-Year Anniversary” and ”Health is the Power of a Nation” (Здоровье – сила нации). A flag is the old Russian Imperial Flag which was used by monarchist white-guardian Russians after 1917.

Many thousands of Russian people lived in Manchukuo including my three great-grandpa and their mothers. They all escaped from Bolsheviks to Harbin which was a center of Russian emigration.

… In the 1920s Harbin was flooded with 100,000 to 200,000 Russian White émigrés fleeing from Russia. They were mostly officers and soldiers involved in the White movement, members of the White governments in Siberia and Russian Far East. There were both the intelligentsia and ordinary people. Harbin held the largest Russian population outside of the state of Russia.
From 1932 to 1945, Harbin Russians had a difficult time under the Manchukuo régime, then the Japanese occupation. Some Harbin Russians initially thought the occupation was good, hoping that the Japanese would help them in their anti-Soviet struggles and provide protection from the Chinese, who were desperately trying to restore the sovereignty of Harbin.
..Some Harbin Russians moved to other cities such as Shanghai, Beijin, Tianjin and eventually left China. By the 1930s, Shanghai’s Russian community had grown to 25,000. (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harbin_Russians).

There where several political parties and movements in Manchukuo. Among them where the Russians movements, which had official status:
– Russian Fascist Organization (the White Russian fascist association in Manchukuo);
– White Russian Fascist Party (later the Russian Fascist Party; White Russian anticommunist party in Manchukuo, used the swastika as symbol, guided by a Russian fascist “Duce”);
– Bureau for Russian Emigrants in Manchuria (BREM) led by General Vladimir Kislitsin;
– Monarquic Party (White Russian Tzarist Monarchic party with Japanese approval).

Here is another link for inform. about Konstantin Rodzaevsky, the leader of Russian fascists in Harbin. I think you will find it interesting: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konstantin_Vladimirovich_Rodzaevsky.

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  1. Hi! Is it possible to purchase this badge?

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