Ship Launching Medallion 1929 Tatsuta-Maru Mitsubishi

Back to ship launching commemoratives. Just a couple more…

Today I will show you a wonderful commemorative medallion made at the Japan Mint. It is a large heavy medallion and the design here is detailed and very attractive. As with other Japan Mint medallions (to be covered at a later date in this blog), this was probably offered for sale not only at the ship launching ceremony but also at department stores nationwide.

This was made for the Tatsuta-Maru (龍田丸), which is famous not only because of its status as a major passenger liner but also because it was requisitioned as a troopship by the Japanese Navy in 1941 and was sunk in 1943. Read more about her HERE on Wikipedia.

And here is the medallion:

Isn’t it striking? Inscribed at the top: ‘Tatsuta-Maru Launching Commemorative.’ Here is the reverse:

Inscribed ‘Mitsubishi Nagasaki Shipbuilding Company, Showa 4 [1929] April 12. Made by the Japan Mint.’


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