1930s Inner Mongolia puppet empire of Japan MILITARY MEDAL

For the next few posts I’d like to show a few items from Inner Mongolia. As you may know, Japan spread her influence through Manchuria and up into Mongolia in the 1930s and 1940s. There seems to have been a number of Japanese-led puppet governments in Inner Mongolia, but I am not exactly sure how many, the names of each, and how long each lasted.

Peterson states that a Free Mongolia government was established in Chahar. A short web search shows that from 1937 to 1945 Japan controlled Chahar and also established the Mengjiang United Autonomous Government. And I think that government issued the Military Merit Decoration that I will show you today.

The medal has pin backs–no ribbon. It was designed and made in Japan, and resembles the Type II War Wound badge in its broad design. However, Peterson states that this is a Military Merit award corresponding to the Golden Kite.

The reverse is gold gilt:

And the case is a pasteboard:

Peterson doesn’t mention what the Mongolian inscriptions on the reverse and on the case say. The two Chinese characters do say ‘merit,’ though. Peterson also mentions that two other versions with blue enamel have been seen, though he includes no pictures of those in his book. I suppose, though, that there would be different classes of any military merit award.


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