DESTROYER HAMAKAZE Escort to Emperor and Crown Prince of England

Today I will show you an extremely rare matched set of named warship cups. Not only do they have an inscription, but the inside label notes exactly who received the cups and when they received them. This kind of detail is rarely found for any military sake cups.

The label reads ‘The Origin of these Commemorative Sake Cups. In Showa 4 [1929] May 20 the
Crown Prince of England visited Japan to receive a medal and while here he visited Kure, Etajima, Miyajima, and Kobe. Those who accompanied the Prince in his voyages received 50 yen. Also, from June 1st to the 8th in the same year, they escorted His Imperial Highness the Emperor on a tour through Kushimoto, Tanabe, Osaka, and Kobe. For this good conduct, each member of the crew received an additional 50 yen. In addition to the monetary rewards listed to the right, all crew members received these pewter cups to eternally commemorate  their glory. Showa 4 [1929] July, Celebratory Day. Captain of the Destroyer Hamakaze, Yasutomi Yoshisuke.’katakana on the ship picture say ‘Hamakaze.’


the Order of the Chrysanthemum in 1929. He also visited Yasukuni Shrine on May 5th of that year.


The cups are inscribed ‘Showa 4 [1929] Good Conduct Escort as well as Patrol Commemorative. Destroyer Hamakaze.’The Isokaze-Class Destroyer Hamakaze was built in 1915 at the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Yard in Nagasaki. It was struck from the lists in 1935.

The Crown Prince referred to here is Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester. He received

Made of Satsuma pewter. The original cotton, cheesecloth, and period newspaper padding were all intact! What a treasure!


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