Imperial Japan Aviation Association 1930s

The Imperial Japan Aviation Association (known under a few different English names) was established in 1913. It cooperated with the Ministry of Education and instructed young men in various aviation matters. Eventually, of course, these men would be encouraged to continue their careers as pilots in the Army or Navy.

The Japanese name of this group is Teikoku Hikou Kyoukai 帝国飛行協会, which you will see inscribed on a variety of different badges and commemorative items. In 1940 this group merged with the Great Japan Aviation Association (Dai-Nippon Hikou-Kai 大日本飛行会).

The basic member badge looks like like:

It is small but well-made. A Special Member badge has the same basic design:

Usually more enamel work and gold gilt plating is evident on the Special Member badges.

Who wore these? Well, most likely officials and supporters of the group did. Although it is possible that student pilots would have received a regular member badge, it is more likely that people who donated money to the group or worked for the group got these badges.

More items from this group in the next few posts.

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