Manchukuo Red Cross Member Medals

For the next few posts I’d like to show some Manchukuo medals, starting with the Red Cross member medals.  The design is similar to the Japan Red Cross medals, and the quality is about the same, too. I think these were all Japanese-made. Just as in Japan, there were a variety of medals designating the member status: Regular, Special, and Life member. In addition, there were merit medals. All of the Manchukuo Red Cross items are rare, but you can see the regular member medals come on the market once in a while.

First, let’s take a look at the medal itself:

The design has the Geneva Red Cross and branches (with blooms) of orchids, the imperial flower of Pu-Yi, the Manchukuo Emperor. The reverse:

It is inscribed ‘Koutoku 5 [1938] October 1st [康徳五年十月一日], which is the date of the establishment of the Manchukuo Red Cross. Every medal has the same date. The second line reads ‘Manchukuo Red Cross [満州国赤十字社].’

The full medal with ribbon:

The ribbon is red with yellow stripes. When you see a blue rosette attached, that signifies a Life member:

And the bow ribbon signifies a medal given to a female:

In my next post I’ll show a couple more Manchukuo Red Cross items.